Website + a little branding

Considering that this is going to be a digital product as well as a physical one, I thought I would start on some of the digital aspects at the same time. For now, this website will be used to give you updates, access to trying out the game and a feel for what the final product might be like.

Until further down the line in the project, this webspace will be used to host the playtesting versions of the game, host feedback and send updates all in the same place.

Is it too early in the project to do branding and have a webspace? Possibly.

Will my lecturers say that this has been a waste of time? Perhaps.

Have I just done this because I am a stubborn perfectionist? Absolutely.

In all seriousness, this was the best solution for time management in the long run as everything is in one place for me to manage and you to enjoy!

talking of enjoyment, I am pretty proud of this quick logo mockup. So much so that I am going to paste a massive version of it onto the home page. Because I can.