Got to start somewhere - Prototype V1

With a few basic rules and tiny bits of paper cut out into hexagons, I forced my household to play the prototype V1 of Pando the board game. The mechanics were simple and easy to follow but ended up causing the game to last for over 1 hour without an end game situation insight.

Originally, the game had been planed to end when one person ran out of pieces in their draw pile of tiles but the current mechanics meant that there was a high chance that their draw pile would be restocked with a large number of tiles if they were doing well at the game. Alternative game-ending scenarios might be the answer to resolving this issue.

Player interaction had gone well, without testing there had been a small voice in the back of my head telling me that players might just place down tiles without challenging each other. Currently, there is a clear way to attack, mainly through the use of burning, but there is no way to defend against this, some minor rule changes would be able to aid with this.

Finally, the pieces themselves had been far too small and hard to pick up. You can not tell in the pictures but some of the tiles are stacked on top of each other as an important part of game play. The Prototypes will have to be constructed differently to resolve this.

Below are the handwritten rules to this version of the game. Good luck reading them and sorry for the shocking handwriting!