About this project 

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Hi! my name is Edward and I have created this project as part of my final year coursework for product design 2020-2021 at London South Bank University. 

The Challenge:

With government restrictions in place through the year due to Covid-19, the general population are experiencing a lack of in-person interactions. People remain indoors and have shifted to an ‘online’ lifestyle for work, shopping and even socialisation. Boardgames could be an effective solution helping to encourage play and interaction between family members. 


The main drivers of this project are to explore the ways of creating entertainment for the family using a combination of traditional design concepts and the future use of emergent technologies. 


Successes of the project will be defined by a functioning and enjoyable experience for the user both when playing the game in person or online. This is a focus on human-centred design backed up with technical aspects revolving around user experience. 

Potential outcome:

After experimenting with lots of different concepts, Pando had stood out from the rest. This had been because its game mechanics allow it to be played with or without technology included. This means that online play could be possible through an augmented reality experience on a phone or tablet. 

Augmented reality is defined as the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio, and other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects.


Before I am able to start coding or developing the digital aspects of this project, we need to make sure that the game itself Is functional on its own. So to make sure that it works (and would actually be fun) Playtesting is required.

This is where you come in! With your help, we can improve the aspects of the game that might have issues or require improving before jumping into coding quickly and running into major issues later on down the project. You can find the latest prototypes to test here, there will be more than one version as constant iterative design will bring this project to its full potential. 

Thank you so much for helping with the development of this game, I hope you have lost of fun playing it together!

- Ed.